Friday, June 17, 2011



skull inspiration

I've recently found this website which lets you play and create amazing sets with images sourced from the internet and your own images as well. I've been playing around and it actually gets pretty addictive!

The top set is currently what I'm dreaming of now- summer in Spain! to escape the cold weather here in Melbourne. And the bottom set is my inspiration board for My Secret Agent Lover Man's upcoming collection "The Grave Escape" which will feature gold plated skulls, semi precious stones like tourmaline, quartz, mixed with fresh water pearls. It is definitely my favourite collection to date!

Right now I think I might just get back to playing a little more ;) It reminds me a little of the paper dolls I used to dress up as a little girl, changing their paper clothes and bags. This is like an adult version where you get to mix and match images of places, people, fashion, and words! When was the last time you played? x

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