Thursday, November 3, 2011



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I used to have a friendship band that I wore around my ankle since high school till I was in my twenties maybe, and probably changed it twice. I loved it to death and developed an emotional attachment to it, it became a part of me.

Then i started dressing differently and realized that it didn't really go too well with my more 'polished' outfits and heels. It kinda looked old and worn, and a little out of place when I dressed up. I still remember the moment when I decided I was going to remove it, I had to cut it with a pair of scissors- I had knotted it so well because I never took it off. It was an emotional decision. I haven't worn an anklet ever since.

So this latest trend in anklets certainly brings back memories. They are more polished and sophisticated, some bold, some colourful and others understated. Definitely loving this comeback trend. x

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