Thursday, August 18, 2011


Regina's work table.

Love her I HEART NEW YORK cup!

The designer's collection of materials.

The amazing jewellery on display in her studio space.

Alister being.....alister.

Regina at work!

One of my favourite pieces!

A gift for her studio. x 

Last week was a short visit of friend and jewellery designer Alister Yiap who was here in Melbourne for the launch of the Miss Australia/Universe national costume for 2011 where he designed and made the headband and belt!

We then caught up with another friend and also jewellery designer Regina Middleton in her studio space just off Brunswick Street. She has a cute little spot at the back of a whole studio space shared with other artists, where she works from most days on her jewellery. It is an amazing space! Regina's jewellery are made from "once-loved" materials which she's found and made into jewellery. She hand weaves wires, fabric together with other found objects into these beautiful necklaces, brooches and earrings. Not to mention the colors are amazing!

It was so much fun hanging out in her studio space, and so good to catch up! x

CLICK HERE to learn more about Regina's work.
CLICK HERE to read and view more of Alister's work.

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