Friday, July 1, 2011

Christian Louboutin's Fall 2011 Lookbook

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Christian Laboutin's new Fall 2011 lookbook is inspired by iconic classic potrait paintings, such as Whistler's Mother by James McNeil Whistler, The Penitent Magdalene by Georges de la Tour, and Saint Dorothy by Francisco de Zurbaran. Louboutin teamed up with photographer Peter Lippmann to create the lookbook, which features his shoes incorporated into the portraits.

Although not a huge fan of classical paintings, I think it's an amazing presentation of his work!

View the collection here.

Below are some of the original paintings which the designer took inspiration from.

portrait of Marquise d'Antin by Jean-Marc Nattier

The Penitent Magdalene, by Georges de la Tour

Whistler's Mother, by James McNeil Whistler

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